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If you are unhappy with your skin at the moment, we would highly recommend booking in to have a consultation with a skin specialist as soon as possible.

Any foundation (even when using the most natural foundation) can gather in certain stubborn areas if the skin is not hydrated and exfoliated properly no matter how much skincare is used on the day.

  • Is the makeup I want bridal enough?

Bridal makeup has changed so much over the years that nowadays bridal makeup is whatever you want it to be. Do whatever makes you feel amazing for your wedding day. If you are unsure of what you like, you could start by asking yourself some makeup questions:

Do I like shimmer or matte eyeshadows?

Do I like gel liner on my eyelid or do I prefer a smudged liner?

Do I like my brows soft or structured?

Go through every step of applying makeup and ask yourself these type of questions. It will help when creating your overall bridal look.

  • What tan should I use?

We don't recommend a particular tan brand as one tan can look different on person to the next (everyones skin texture/natural base color and overall hydration of your skin is different.

If you want it professionally done, we would recommend getting a trial. 

Top tip: When getting a trial, try and make sure the person spraying you is available on your wedding week.

  • Should I put tan on my face?

The answer is yes. It does help give a natural glow under your foundation and it also means your face will blend in easily to your neck.  

  • I'm pale and don't like getting spray tans as they're always too dark, what self tan would you recommend?

You could try a gradual self tan moisturiser but as always trial it out first.

  • Is a junior bridesmaid or MOB/MOG less expensive to add to my booking?

When providing a quote, the amount of makeup used on a person is not a factor in our pricing. Travel to and from the venue on a morning, time spent from arrival to giving all of our time and attention to each individual who sits down on the chair for makeup, touch ups on everyone before leaving, aswell as using the best makeup products/tools and bringing a professional relaxed atmosphere for your wedding morning is all taken into account.

After we receive your booking fee, we will give you a rough timeline of when your trial will take place. We only conduct trials within 6-8 months of your wedding date.

  • Should I get eyelash extensions for my wedding day?

If you find that your eyes water alot e.g hayfever or when its a windy day, then it's a good idea to consider getting eyelash extensions. 

As always, a trial is advised especially if you have never got them applied before.

  • Should I get an LVL treatment for my eyelashes?

If you are looking to have individual/strip lashes applied by us on your trial/wedding day then please do not get this treatment. Your natural lash can be too curly and then false eyelashes cannot be applied on top.

  • What is the time schedule on my wedding morning?

We never give out time schedules for your morning. No two makeup applications will be the exact same amount of time, some will be quicker, some will be longer.

At your trial, we will do a quick run through what your morning will look like and give you an arrival time.

On your wedding morning, we usually start on a bridesmaid first, bride will always be in the middle or second last (unless you are having a first look). We always work with the hairdresser to ensure that the last person is not waiting for both hair and makeup. 

We always recommend hair and makeup to be finished in time so you have 1 full hour for all of your bridal party to be dressed to get ready before leaving to go to the ceremony. (Bridal partys over 4 people will have to adjust this timing). 


This allows time to get any photos needed and get dressed in a relaxed atmosphere.  (Please remember this time is needed for boob tape to be applied, specific underwear, jewellery, shoes to be put on.)

  • Can I include my friends or any close guests for makeup on my wedding morning?

We only do makeup for the bridal party. (Bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride/mother of the groom.  

  • When will I book in for a trial?

  • Is there anything I can do with my skin before the trial/wedding day?

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